Indyglo Clubwear New Design Rave and Club wear – Just launched

Hi All Readers,

We have just (July 2010) added a new range of clubwear called Indyglo Clubwear brand new to the club and rave scene. Uniquely you mix and match the sizes so you can have a sm/med bottom mixed with a larger sized top so it all fits you perfectly. In the past designers have supplied all items the same size.

Get back to you later with more details .. until then a pic and link to indyglo clubwear.

Love LML x

plus size corsets vinyl PVC – corsets in plus sizes 1x 2x 3x

Hi All,

We have beed adding lots of plus size corsets to the website for you to take a look and purchase. Most of the plus size corsets are in black vinyl and PVC type material. Some of them are lace up front and lace up back which gives you a striking plus size corset for your wardrobe. The garments come in sizes 1x 2x 3x and it is worth purchasing one size larger than your usual as these are USA sizes and elegant moments can come smaller in size.

Here are a few pics of the plus size corsets we have added…

plus size zip front vinyl corset



plus size corsets – some cupless… plus size corset cupless vinyl



All the corsets are available in our plus size lingerie section and are delivered within our usul terms and condistions for delivery. This is normally 10 days but you are advised to order early if you require for a specific date as some items can take the statutory 28 days althogh this is the exception.

Please go to plus size lingerie section and order the results by ‘recently added’.

Love LML x

Our background

Our plus size corsets is of the best quality and we assure you has been carefully selected to provide you with products that are attractive and stylish and will wear as you would expect from ‘quality’ plus size corsets from a top brand.

LoveMe sizes of products

LoveMe plus size corsets are available in the products sizes shown on the LoveMe website. In some cases our products are available as one size. We aim to supply products of all sizes where available from our suppliers, you must be sure to check the size and colour of the outfit before purchase.

LoveMe – plus size corsets colours

LoveMe plus size corsets are available in the colours shown on the LoveMe website. In some cases our products are only available in one colour. We aim to supply items of all colours available where applicable and you must be sure to check the colour you have chosen before purchase.

LoveMe – products styles
LoveMe plus size corsets have been chosen for their style, durability and value for money. The products have been designed by top costume clubwear manufacturers around the world to make it available to you to purchase on the LoveMe website.

The type of items we stock have proven quality; carefully stitched and put together so you have a product that will hold up to the rigors’ of a rave, on the podium at the next big event or fancy dress ball. Whether you need to look smart and presentable in our designer costumes clubwear or need to make a stylish and exciting entrance we have something for you!

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