M2416 purple creeper shoes

Busy blogger today reviewing our M2416 purple creeper shoes which we offer on our online shop. These are of fantastic quality and have a superb finish which you would expect from top shoe designer like New Rock. the shoes hhave the classic flat sole and ribbed edged detail around the base of the shoe. These are a big hit in the office particularly with the purple finished leather. Alos what makes them striking is the silver round rivet studs in the upper of the shoe. The upper is leather through to the tongue of the shoe. The purple creeper shoes have metal eyelets with threaded laces which make lets have a nice expensive look.

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All our New Rock shoes have the metal stamp on the heel as above picture shows. You can also see the four rivet studs down the heel. You can also see the ribbed edging around the chunky flat sole.

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