Panzar New Rock Boots M.PZ001-C6

Reviewing today our fantastic Panzar New Rock Boots M.PZ001-C6; which are part of our fantastic New Rock Boots online catalog.   Once again some outrageous designs with a daring rock punk gothy feel to them.  Also the shoes have an animal print connection with Snake Skin and Leopard print – check availability as some are custom made.   The footwear comes in size womens Uk 4 to 7.5 but may be able to help you if you need a larger size. Drop us an email with what you need so we can be sure of providing you our excellent high level of customer service – the boots vary in delivery times and are bepoke made in some cases so always check 😉 .

As always we appreciate if you are considering purchasing online you need a good look at the shoes so we have added 5 views of the shoes so you get a good look below. If you click on the thumbnail pics they open up a full size pic.

More lovely pics of our Panzar New Rock Boots M.PZ001-C6 …


The M.PZ001-C6 come with the amazing stand-out leopard print across the shoe with a couple of cute buckles down the side. The chunky hidden platform has a scaly pattern around the edhe of the platform.

These fab shoes are available today for you.




womens-goth-shoeswomens-goth-shoes womens goth shoeswomens goth shoes
womens goth shoeswomens goth shoes womens goth shoeswomens goth shoes
womens goth shoes 


womens goth shoes


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To check stock levels email us – Check Delivery

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womens goth boots new rock

Hi All,

We stock a range of fantastic womens goth boots on our online store.  These boots are in a variety of daring styles and designs – all by top designers. Styles include Turbo, Space, Antik and many more ( these are the brand styles for new rock ). We are all big fans of our goth boots and offer a wide range of goth styles for for women. In some cases the sizes come up large and always worth checking your size is available.

Demonia and New Rock are our major supplier of this type of footwear.  We work hard on sourcing the most outrageous designs and providing a top level customer service.

These boots are on our online shop available in 10 days delivery and on special order if bespoke made.

See below an example of our womens goth boots …



Our womens goth boots come in sizes uk 3 – 8 and in various fantastic designs as you can see from the  images of our women’s goth boots above.

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