April 19 – womens punk shoes MZ001-C1 – more pics of womens punk shoes

Hi All,

For all you punk girls out there I have added some more views of the womens punk shoes MZ001-C1 for you.  You can see the MZ001-C1 New Rock womens punk shoes at various angles so you can get a good look at how amazing they are.  The MZ001-C1 footwear has a chunky heel with New Rock Badge on the top of the heel – they are platform shoes so you gain some extra height if you need it.  The detail is fabulous including a web pattern on the base of the platform sole

If you follow the links on the pics you can check out sizes and prices…

womens punk shoes

womens punk shoes



The MZ001-C1 womens punk shoes are available usually for a 10 day delivery and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. As they are manufactured to order in some cases then it ois a good idea to email us – see link below.

The MZ001-C1 womens punk shoes have amazing detail including a diamond studded platform sole and diamond studs around the buckled ankle strap. A great pair of womens goth shoes for a perfect and daring look. The shoes come in range of sizes – UK size 4 to 7.5

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See our full range of new rock

Take a trip over to shop when you get chance – lots of great goth footwear available as well as our MZ001-C1 womens punk shoes

Love LML x

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