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Just added these beautiful Pleaser Bordello Teeze Shoes – Burlesque Style Boots and Platform Shoes. They are available in various colours – Black Lace with Hot Pink, Black Lace Lime Pattern, Black Lace Silver Pattern, Red with White Polka Dot, Metallic Blue, Cheetah Print as well as many more varieties. Pleaser Bordello Teeze Shoes are brand new on the scene and definately for those that want to make a spectacular impression from wearing these boots and shoes.

To view these shoes … our online shop

Pleaser Bordello Teeze Boots and Pleaser Bordello Teeze Shoes come in many ranges I have added the Pleaser Bordello Teeze, Whimsey, Courtess and Spectacular footwear range and they are now ready for you to take a look.

The Pleaser Bordello Teeze Shoes are available in UK sizes 3.5 to 9.5 and we can ship internationally to the US and around the world or locally in the UK. Charges are covered in our Delivery page and we can turn things around quickly if you need them in a rush.

Here are a few examples of Pleaser Bordello Teeze Shoes and links to our website for prices…

TEE31G/PUR TEEZE-31G – Purple Glitter Platform High Heel

EE25/BR/SAT TEEZE-25 – Black Red Polka Dots Peep Toe Bow

TEE02/BW TEEZE-02 Black and White with a Strap

TEE01/BPB TEEZE-01 Two Tone

We are also offering maryjanes, single soles, ankle boot, costume shoes, goth shoes, creepers, retro and fetish ballet shoes. Other ranges include Whimsey, Courtess and Spectacular.

We supply our footwear in the sizes shown on the website and are able to ship internationally if required.

We also supply clubwear, fancy dress costumes and plus size underwear also goth and rubber handbags

Our web shop


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